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About Us


SAFER (Station Action for Emergency Readiness) is a joint project of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) and National Public Radio (NPR), funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Our goal is to save lives by helping public radio and television stations position themselves as ready and reliable sources of information in times of emergency.

The online manual will guide stations in developing or improving their business continuity plans. Companion communications tools will guide stations in planning how to deliver critical life-saving information to listeners in emergency situations.

"Public and community radio stations are frequently the only local broadcasters serving their communities. When a local emergency arises or disaster strikes, these stations are critical to getting life-saving information to listeners. Public radio exists to provide service. We can think of no more important way to do this than to help people out in the face of a disaster."
— Ginny Z. Berson, NFCB Vice President and Director of Federation Services

Recent research indicates that only about a third of all public radio stations in the United States have a functioning, tested, emergency readiness plan. The SAFER project will build on the rich experiences and valuable lessons learned by public broadcasters in a range of emergency situations from hurricanes in the South, to ice storms in the East, to floods in the Midwest, and wildfires in the West. The project will provide planning and informational tools to help stations stay on-the-air, online and engaged with their audiences during emergencies, and through the recovery phase.

"Our Member stations are a vital source of information in their communities and we're eager to work with NFCB and CPB on equipping them with tools they need to best serve their audience, especially in times of disaster."
— Joyce MacDonald, Vice-President, Member & Program Services, NPR

About NFCB

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is an alliance of stations, producers, and others committed to Community Radio. NFCB advocates for national public policy, funding, recognition, and resources on behalf of its membership, while providing services to empower and strengthen community broadcasters through the core values of localism, diversity and public service.

About NPR

NPR is an award-winning, multimedia news organization and an influential force in American life. In collaboration with more than 880 independent public radio stations nationwide, NPR strives to create a more informed public - one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures. NPR produces and/or distributes radio programs that are heard by 27.5 million people each week, and nearly 10 million people that visit NPR's web site - www.npr.org -- each month for extensive, original multimedia content, as well as a free online archive of 15 years of NPR programming. Since its launch in 1970, NPR has become a leader in representation and technology development in the public media community, assuring that the unique mission of nonprofit public media is preserved and grown.