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We've gathered a collection of resources that will help inform and enrich different aspects of your readiness plan development: from ideas for new ways of engaging with your listeners online, to fresh sources of content for your website; from social media ethics guidelines, to non-profit fundraising best practices in times of emergency. There are sample readiness plans shared by fellow public broadcasters. And you'll also find the archives of a series of emergency readiness webinars that will be scheduled throughout 2010.

Content and Information

Using the NPR API

You can access the NPR API to display NPR content directly on your website. You don't have to be an NPR member station to use the API - it's simply a tool that allows for transfer of content among websites. NPR's API allows individual users to pull content from npr.org and weave it into your website, smart phone app, and so on. FluPortal , an archived project of crisis-reporting and web tools for public media, offers a good example and easy instructions for you to learn how to get an API key and use NPR content on your site.

Using the Twitter API

Many public safety agencies and other sources of reliable information have twitter accounts. These can be a good source of up to the minute information.

Every Twitter account produces a unique RSS feed. The feed URL is found near the bottom of the right sidebar of every account profile page. Twitter also offers a customizable search widget which you can embed on your site. This search widget can display tweets based on specific keywords or by tweets from specific users, such as the CDC and Flu.gov. We don't recommend posting a search for "H1N1" or "swine flu" without pulling them from credible source(s), as the quality of information is low.

FCC: Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau

Information on how the FCC collaborates with the public safety community, industry and other government entities to license, facilitate, restore and recover communications services before, during and after emergencies

FEMA: Emergency Managers information

Information on response and recovery resources, best practices, planning, training, grants, regional contacts and situation reports

Environmental Protection Agency: Regional Newsrooms

Find top stories, regional newsrooms, media contacts, news feeds and multimedia PSAs

CrisisCommons Wiki

A working space for project and volunteer coordination in response to emergencies

FCC's EAS Handbooks

Instructions for following Emergency Alert procedures in TV, radio, cable and satellite

Best Practices

CDC's Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices

Designed for CDC employees and contractors, this guide offers best practices and guidelines for strategic use of microblogging (in this case, Twitter)

Social Media and Risk Communication in Times of Crisis

From the American Public Health Association, with Booz Allen Hamilton, guidelines and best practices for using social media to improve emergency communications

Public Radio News Directors Guide

Comprehensive manual for public radio news managers, including best practices, case studies, success stories and templates for public service journalism

Crowdsourcing: A Field Guide from WNYC

Tips, principles and best practices from WNYC for using crowdsourcing in your news coverage, working effectively with your audience to report a story

NPR News Social Media Guidelines

Guidance, best practices and ethics currently in place for all NPR News reporting and social media interaction

National Center for Media Engagement

Ideas and projects for increasing public media's success in building community connections across multiple platforms

International Journalists' Network: Crisis Reporting Toolkit

Tools and tips for digital reporting in crisis environments


An archive of crisis reporting and web tools, to help public media stations cover the H1N1 pandemic (and other crises) on-air and online

Social Media Governance: Database of social media policies

From Social Media Governance, an online database of social media policies

Crisis Commons: OilReporter crowdsourcing app for iPhone and Android

Crisis Commons has rolled out the OilReporter app for iPhone and Android, for crowdsourcing reports of the Gulf oil spill.

UN Foundation report

UN Foundation report: "New Technologies in Emergencies and Conflict: The Role of Information and Social Networks"

Red Cross report

August 2010 Red Cross report on social media use in disasters

The Atlantic

The Atlantic: In Case Of Emergency


NCME: PubCamps As Catalysts of Community Engagement

International Center For Journalists

International Center For Journalists (ICFJ) Guide to Disaster and Crisis Coverage

Knight Digital Media Center

From the Knight Digital Media Center blog "News Leadership 3.0" -- Mobile: A Key Part of Your Emergency News Strategy


Convio: Mobile philanthropy

Convio's research and insight into mobile giving and messaging during crisis

Convio: Rapid response fundraising

Learn how to be a more skilled rapid responder and fundraiser around crisis or issues management

DEI: Ideas and Guidelines

Since 9/11 and Katrina, DEI has curated general ideas and guidelines from public media for fundraising during and after emergencies


Throughout 2010, we'll host a series of eight webinars on different aspects of creating your station's disaster plan. The webinars will all be archived here. Please check back for the dates for future webinars

April 22, 2010 at 1pmPT/4pmET

For General Managers + Business staff (I)
Getting Started with Emergency Planning (chapter 1 +)
Guest: SAFER manual writer Richard Dillman

Listen to the archive of the April 22 webinar.

May 20, 2010 at 1pmPT/4pmET

For General Managers + Business staff (II)
Planning for Business Continuity (chapter 3 + 4)
Guest: SAFER manual writer Richard Dillman

Listen to the archive of the May 20 webinar.

July 29, 2010 at 12noon-1pm PT / 3pm-4pm ET

For website staff and programming staff
Website Basics for Emergency Preparedness

Listen to the archive of the July 29 webinar.

August 31, 2010 at 12noon-1pm PT / 3pm-4pm ET

Using Social Media in Disasters

Listen to the archive of the August 31 webinar.

September 30, 2010: Fundraising In An Emergency, with DEI

Listen to the archive of the Sept 30 webinar.

January 19, 2011 at 1pmET/10amPT

Engaging with our community for disaster planning and response, presented in partnership with NCME, the National Center for Media Engagement.
Watch and listen to the webinar archive here.

January 31, 2011 at 2pmET/11amPT

Preparing to cover the news of disasters, presented in partnership with PRNDI
Listen to the archive of the January 31 Webinar