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Station Action For Emergency Readiness (SAFER) is a joint project of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) and National Public Radio (NPR), with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

Manual writer: Richard Dillman
Emergency Readiness Consultant: David Stephenson
Project Co-Directors: Ginny Z. Berson (NFCB) and Gemma Hooley (NPR)

Station-based Project advisers:

Sheila Cowley (WMNF, Tampa FL)
Kate Lochte (WKMS, Murray KY)
Paul Maassen (WWNO, New Orleans LA)
Sue Matters (KWSO, Warm Springs OR)
Carey Needham (WAMU, Washington DC)
Tim Olson (KQED, San Francisco CA)
Silvia Rivera (WBEW/Vocalo.org, Chicago IL)
John Weatherford (Public Broadcasting Atlanta, Atlanta GA)
Jay Woods (Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Jackson MS)

Special thanks:

Kai Aiyetoro
Zach Brand
Carolyn Caton
Dana Davis Rehm
Keith Hopper
Joyce Macdonald
Carol Pierson
Mike Starling
Loris Taylor
Dustin Watson
Sydney White
Mike Riksen

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Station Action for Emergency Readiness Project (SAFER)  Table of Contents  Chapter 1. Emergency Preparedness, a Community Responsibility